Eternal Digression of the Spotted Mind (EDSM) is a blog where I’ll transcribe the digressions and thoughts that are always boiling inside my brain.

Needless to say that the name of this blog is a pun of the movie’s name and has no relation with it.

These digressions are based on things I’ve read (books, comics, news), things I’ve watched (movies, short videos), talks I had with people and things I saw and experienced throughout my life time.

Many of the ideas that will appear in the digressions probably have a bibliography where you could find more info but not always I’ll be able to provide all the resources because I may not remember where an idea came from or because I actually thought of it by myself.

Also, I have no intention to be the great lord of the truth nor claim that what I publish here is any sort of irrefutable truth of the universe.

There’s also a Brazilian Portuguese version of this blog right here if you want to read it in Portuguese.

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