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Pokemon, the problem and how it could have been

Leia esta digressão em português.

Pokemon! Who doesn’t like it, right? It’s been around since 1996 as a game franchise and it’s being animated since 1997 or so. There are 6 generations of games already, 649 different pokemons. In the animation area, there are 17 movies, 5 major arcs, subdivided in 10 minor arcs (or 17 minor arcs in the US version, don’t ask me why), with more than 800 episodes and another dozen of specials and extra animated material. We also have a lot of other media and goods related, not to mention the other dozens of spin-off games, like Pokemon Stadium, Pokemon Snap, Pokemon Pinball and lots of others.

But I’m here to digress about the major problem of the whole franchise. Well, at least in my opinion. Is it the game? Is it the anime? Is it the spin-off?
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