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Gurren Lagann, the Great Man and the People.

Gurren Lagann is an awesome anime. It has giant robots, drills, space exploration, pseudo-scientific babbling, drills, billion years long battle, unreasonable giant robots, drills, a tiny hint of solipsism, drills and gigantic character growth. Yeah, it’s great! But this is not a review of the anime nor is a “why Gurren Lagann is so damn awesome that makes you want to pierce through the heavens” text. This is one about a digression caused by one line from the last episode. Let’s go.

This will also contain spoilers so read at your own risk.
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Spoilers, joy killers?

Leia esta digressão em português.

Spoiler alert! Spoilers are joy killers! Or are they?

Ah, spoilers! We all hate it, don’t we? After all, spoilers are joy-killers! There we are, watching a movie, eagerly waiting for the end to come when, suddenly, someone comes in and tells how the movie ends.
“Oh, I’ve already watched that one! I was so surprised when they revealed that everyone is actually dead!” someone says, and everybody else widen their eyes while a bestial lust for blood (a really specific blood, actually) starts boiling. The same thing could happen/happens when you comment with someone that you’re reading a book or watching a TV series and that someone, on purpose or not, spills out the ending.
“Oh, you’re watching Lost? Man, the last episode is awesome/awful! When *bleeeeeep* happens is so, ops!”.
“Oh, you’re reading Harry Potter? Oh, in the last book when Dumbledore *bleeeep* is so, ops!”
Yes, it could happen, and it most likely happened to many of us throughout our lives. Sometimes we’re in the spoiling side, sometimes we’re in the spoiled side.

But really, are spoilers that bad? Enough to make us hold a grudge against the person who spilled the spoil? Do spoilers really affect how much enjoyment we can get from an entertainment work?
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